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Le Krop on Autumn is coming
So nice !

Andreas on Frozen
you have a sense for interesting motifs

L'Angevine on Frozen #2
superbe ce cadrage

Tataze on Frozen #2
belle présentation du gel

L'Angevine on Frozen

Dimitrios on Frozen #2
very good, happy NY

Langevine on Flute and music

Le Krop on Little wizard
J'aime beaucoup !

Bruno F on World tour
Great composition. Excellent idea and work ! Bravo

Andreas on Sun-bath
A perfect Picture. Looks like it want to tell you something

omid on Reflection
very nice! Beautiful frame, colors & reflections!

Sarito on Friendship
What a cool capture.. fantastic

omid on Friendship
very nice! very nice & so beautiful! L O V E L Y !!!!!

Tataze on Friendship

max on Friendship
Your patience is rewarded, great shot

Lydia.Dd on Friendship
Great !

Sylvie on Friendship
ah l'amour !

Mehdi Monadi on Friendship
very nice

omid on Sun-bath #2
very nice & wonderful! Beautiful colors & lights!

Sharon Pleasants on Sun-bath
Wonderful close up. Great job!

Paul on Sun-bath

Cláudio on Chipmunk in India
Great shot fantastic image the depth of field is excellent

omid on India
very nice & so beautiful! Amazing!

Aubélia on India
Happy New Year.

omid on Have a rest in India
:) very nice & so beautiful!

L'Angevine on Have a rest in India

Basile Pesso on Old border of Bangalore
Very good framing.

d.apskos on Balaton #9
Joli cadrage, belles couleurs.

omid on Balaton #9
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

Tinx on Balaton #9
Very nice!

omid on Balaton #6
very nice & so beautiful! Lovely!

Soheil on Dragonboat #1
such a nice photo have a nice day

L'Angevine on Dragonboat #1

omid on Dragonboat #1
wooow! very nice!!! so beautiful lights!

L'Angevine on Balaton #6
j'aime bien la couleur sur le bateau rouge orangée

Sof on Balaton #5

L'Angevine on Balaton #5
j'aime cette ambiance

SalSa on Balaton #5
A wonderful view ...great shot

Curly on Balaton #5
Very nice indeed :-)

Mamyni on Balaton #5
Beautiful with te boat's shadows

Basile Pesso on Balaton #5
Superb light reflections.

Olivier on Balaton #5
Superb moment time..

omid on Balaton #5
very nice! so beautiful colors & lights! Lovely!

yalda on Balaton #5
so beautiful composition and light and Shadow I love the light and the reflection on the water

omid on Balaton #4
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!!!!

omid on Balaton #3
very nice!!! Beautiful colors, lights & reflections!

Aubélia on Balaton #3
Beautiful light and reflections. Have a nice day.

Basile Pesso on Balaton #2
Splendid !

Basile Pesso on Balaton #1
Very good framing and light !

omid on Balaton in sunrise
very nice!!! Beautiful colors & lights!

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